About Us

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Our inspiration is to offer to visitors what we’d like to experience when travelling – the opportunity to make authentic connections, hear multiple perspectives and learn something new.

Hand picked highlights, one of a kind locations and World Heritage Sites are what you’ll experience.

The inspiration behind the business was to provide a service to smaller groups and operators offering imaginative programs and competitive rates that combined in-depth experience with a passion that only a genuine love for the destination can provide.

Sustainable Tourism Commitment:

As a travel company committed to responsible travel principles Sweetway Asia upholds the philosophy of ‘Giving Back’. We actively support those in the region seeking to move forward through Kiva microfinancing projects as well as by supporting various charitable causes in the region.

This is our home, and we all have a responsibility to care for those within…


Fully trained, licensed and experienced tour guides and leaders make the difference to your visit.

• Taking you where you couldn’t get to by yourself
• Chosen for their character and language skills
• Giving an insiders perspective
• Your local ‘friend’ to unlock the destination.

What Do We Do?

Sweetway Asia is much more than a Travel Agent or a Tour Operator.  As a DMC or Destination Management Company we:

Research – Getting out into the countries and cities is a vital part of our ability to design the perfect holiday.  We sleep in the hotels, sample the restaurants, watch the shows and talk to the locals so that we know what you can see and do.  Our job is not to tell you what you like, it’s to know what options there are available so as to better match you with your dream holiday.

Design – This is perhaps the most important part of the process, laying the foundation for the experiences to come.  We work on designing a program that gets the most out of the destination or suits your needs the best.  We rely on information from and match it to the knowledge we have gained from our extensive research to create the perfect fit.

Ubein BridgeQuote – There is no point designing a program without being able to give you a price.  To some this is the most important factor, to others if falls well behind the design of the trip.  Either way, our team of contracting negotiators ensure that we get you the best possible rates to ensure whatever you choose, it is competitively priced and good value for money.

Book – Long before you arrive our reservations team are hard at work making sure all the different elements are booked correctly and are aware of what is needed.  Guides, vehicles, restaurants and hotels will all be in the right place and expecting you at the right time.  We check and double check and then check again for good measure!

Operate – Once you are here the Operations Team step in to take over.  They are constantly in the background, checking that each part of your tour is lined up and ready to receive you.  Well trained and motivated, the team are experienced in what to do should and if something goes wrong.  There is nowhere on earth that everything runs seamlessly, mistakes happen, circumstances conspire.  It is essential to have a good operations team ready to step in and get your holiday back on track should a hiccup be encountered.

Support – After all the researching, planning, designing and double checking sometimes things still go wrong.  A passport is lost, a wallet misplaced or a stomach is upset.  As a DMC we are there to support you in your hour of need, our managers are a phonecall away ready to help in whatever way necessary.  There is no substitute for a professional attitude and a friendly voice on the line  in your hour of need. home2